OFFER #1: TAO Soul Light Hands

Tao Hands are Soul Light Hands that carry the highest Frequencies and Vibrations of Divine love, forgiveness, compassion & light.
Tao Practitioner Hands
 can transmit blessing that is the most appropriate removal of soul, mind and body blockages that are root cause of a condition. Karmic obstacles, negative messages, repetitive patterns accumulated over this and many other lifetimes are replaced with with light. The highest frequency of Light is Love.

This process helps overcome limitations and conditions in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Tao Soul Light hands blessing transmission can be applied to any issue that needs transformation.
They can be applied to a person, groups, nature, plants, animals, environment, emergency cases and are very successfully applied to transformation of Relationships and Finances.  (more…)

OFFER #2: Tao ~ Source Field Blessing Transmission

TAO ~ Source Field Calligraphy, I am honored to assist humanity at this time of great shifts, transformation and calamities on Mother Earth

The Source Field 6’ original Calligraphy by Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha carries
the Source Frequency & Vibration, that can remove higher levels of negative messages, karmic patterns and obstacles from one’s soul, heart, mind and body.

When activated, it creates a very high level of Light Frequency and Vibrational Field and either in person or remotely, one can immediately experience high Awareness, Nourishment, Inner Peace and more.

Removal of negative messages and darkness happens on deep cellular levels.
At the root cause of the issue, challenge is transformed into Light and the highest frequency of Light is Love. “Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.” Master Sha (more…)

OFFER #3: TAO Song & TAO Movement Practitioner

Tao Song and/or Tao Movement practice and Blessing transmission is offered through Song & Movement. Participants/Participant receives the Highest frequency vibration of Tao – the Source Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Light that can appropriately remove soulheartmind and body blockages from one’s physical and spiritual life.  

Tao Song and/or Tao Movement balances Yin and Yang in the body, mind & spirit. In the ancient teaching, when Yin/Yang is balanced one is Healthy.

TAO Song & Tao Movement can remove darkness and negative information from once mind, body and spirit, further more it can transform issue, or condition. and turn it into Light and Love.
When blockages of soul, heart, mind and body are removed, the frequency and vibration increases naturally and appropriately accelerates in time with practice.  (more…)

OFFER #4: Tao Soul Teacher Practitioner

I am Honored to be a Certified Soul Teacher Practitioner and am available to share and teach this profound ancient and new wisdom and practical techniques to empower people to self-healheal others and lead them to the ultimate goal of one’s Soul Journey which is to reach Soul, mind, and body Enlightenment.

My purpose in Life is to Serve and I have dedicated my life to this purpose.
My rates are very affordable and I have a sincere desire to spread this knowledge and these practical techniques to as many people as I possibly can.

Please, connect with me about the opportunity to serve, Teaching others Soul Healing and Transformation at this very significant time on Mother Earth.
Let us join Hearts and Souls together to awaken and serve more people.

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