OFFER #1: TAO Soul Light Hands

Tao Hands are Soul Light Hands that carry the highest Frequencies and Vibrations of Divine love, forgiveness, compassion & light.
Tao Practitioner Hands
 can transmit blessing that is the most appropriate removal of soul, mind and body blockages that are root cause of a condition. Karmic obstacles, negative messages, repetitive patterns accumulated over this and many other lifetimes are replaced with with light. The highest frequency of Light is Love.

This process helps overcome limitations and conditions in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Tao Soul Light hands blessing transmission can be applied to any issue that needs transformation.
They can be applied to a person, groups, nature, plants, animals, environment, emergency cases and are very successfully applied to transformation of Relationships and Finances.

When darkness and blockages are removed and replaced with light and love, frequencies of mind, body and spirit automatically becomes higher. With further applications of Tao Practitioner Hands blessing transmission, frequency continues to accelerate when healing and transformation happens naturally.

Tao Soul Light Hands blessing transmission is offered, one on one, in person or remotely,
and also to Groups of any size, in person or remotely.
* There is a high percentage of successful transformation for chronic conditions over 3 or more months of blessing transmissions — there is no time limit, since frequency accelerate in the most appropriate way.

Tao Soul Light Hands can complement and  accompany any other mode of healing and transformation in place.

Many ask why is the Divine so Generous to offer his subdivided hand to the chosen once at this time on Mother Earth.
The Divine hands transmission is offered to assist Humanity to pass this challenging time of Mother Earth Transition. It is offered to help new dimensions of consciousness to prevail on Mother Earth and to assist the New Era ~ Soul Light Era that started Aug.8’2003 to fully develop on Mother Earth.

We are truly fortunate to be living at such a significant time, at the dawn of the New Era of Light~ Soul Light Era, when thing like this are possible and available.

Please contact me for a Complimentary 15 minutes orientation, consultation and blessing  session to see how best I can assist you.

Session 45min /$50              3 Sessions/$140               6 Sessions/$275


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OFFER #2: Tao ~ Source Field Blessing Transmission

TAO ~ Source Field Calligraphy, I am honored to assist humanity at this time of great shifts, transformation and calamities on Mother Earth

The Source Field 6’ original Calligraphy by Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha carries
the Source Frequency & Vibration, that can remove higher levels of negative messages, karmic patterns and obstacles from one’s soul, heart, mind and body.

When activated, it creates a very high level of Light Frequency and Vibrational Field and either in person or remotely, one can immediately experience high Awareness, Nourishment, Inner Peace and more.

Removal of negative messages and darkness happens on deep cellular levels.
At the root cause of the issue, challenge is transformed into Light and the highest frequency of Light is Love. “Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.” Master Sha

When soul, heart, mind and body blockages are lessened or removed, the frequency of soul, mind & body changes automatically–it becomes higher , which results in one’s profound transformation on all levels of being.

Any negative messages within one’s organs, systems, cells, cell units, DNA, RNA, spaces between the cells related to the issue/condition are literally transformed to the highest frequencies of love, forgiveness, compassion and light  that this Spiritual light tool carries. 

* Please take a look at some of the many Testimonials I have received on Power and Significance of Tao Source Field Calligraphy for healing and transformation in all aspects of life.

TAO ~ Source Calligraphy Blessing Transmission can be offered, one on one, in person or remotely.
It can be offered to Groups of any size, in person or remotely.

Transformation happens on  the Soul level, first. When the Soul of the issue is healed,  manifestation on the physical plane follows.

* There is a high level of success in applying the Source field Calligraphy Blessing Transmissions for treating all life issues including chronic physical, mental, emotional, spiritual pain and challenges, also challenges in relationships and finances.

Please contact us for a 15 minutes Complimentary Consultation with a Blessing to experience the power of Tao Source Calligraphy, this amazing, Spiritual Light Tool.

Session 60min /$75           3 Sessions/$210
6 Sessions/$420   


OFFER #3: TAO Song & TAO Movement Blessing

Tao Song and/orTao Movement practice and Blessing transmissions are offered through Song & Movement. As a Certified Tao Song and Movement practitioner, I am honored to be given the Love and Light with Divine and the Source frequency and power to offer Blessings and Healing/Transformation Transmissions.

Participant/Participants receive the Highest frequency and vibration of Tao – the Source Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Light that can appropriately remove soul, heart, mind and body blockages from one’s physical and spiritual life and conditions.

Tao Song is Tao Yin — the Source Yin and Tao Movement/Dance is Tao Yang–the Source Yang. This means that Tao Song and Tao Dance carry the Source frequency, vibration and power. Tao Oneness practice is created which transforms health, relationships, finances, intelligence and brings success to every aspect of life.

There is the ancient an saying that says:
When Yin and Yang are in balance one is Healthy.
Tao Song and Tao Movement balances Yin and Yang in the body, mind & spirit.

TAO Song & Tao Movement can remove darkness and negative information from once mind, body and spirit, further more it can transform issue, or condition. and turn it into Light and Love.
When blockages of soul, heart, mind and body are removed through sound and/or movement, the frequency and vibration increases naturally and appropriately accelerates in time with practice.

Soul Healing and Transformation is based on a principal: Heal and Transform the Soul of the issue/condition first and physical manifestation follows. 

What is Tao Song?
Tao Song is song from the Source, the Creator.
Tao Song is a Soul Song that practitioner receives from the Source and it carries the source frequency, vibration and power to bless and transform life.

The foundation of Tao Song is Soul Language and Soul Song.
Everyone can bring out their Soul Language and Soul Song.
I guide my clients and my students to bring out their Soul Language and Soul Song, so they are able to  continue to heal/transform themselves and others further and more.

Tao Dance/Movement is dance from the Source–it’s a Soul Movement.
Tao Dance/Movement is the movement guided by the Source, through the Soul of a practitioner and it carries the Source frequency, vibration and power to transform/heal the issue and condition.
I guide my clients and my students to develop their ability to do Soul Movement, this way they are able to continue to transform/heal themselves at anytime, anywhere.

One Session 1hr/$60           4 Sessions/$200
6 Sessions/$300


In additionthis method can be implemented at Dance, Fitness Studio, Yoga and similar wellness service centersThe knowledge and wisdom consists of practical techniques that one can implement in their daily routine for their overall wellbeing, health and acceleration of energy, vigor and frequency to new, higher levels.

TAO Song & Movement can be applied to Theatrical, Musical and Performing Arts platforms, as an aid to achieving higher frequency and vibration for a better flow and coherence of movements.
It can be applied to groups or one on one, in person or remotely.

Please, contact me, for a Complimentary 20 min, Consultation and Presentation Session with these powerful treasures to enlighten and empower your physical and spiritual life, through Tao Soul Song & Tao Soul Movement and Dance

Thank you, it is my true desire and delight to ignite a positive turn into your and/or your organization’s lives. I would be honored to share this wisdom and practical techniques/blessings through Song and/or Movement which can empower and enlighten groups or one on one settings! ~

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OFFER #4: Tao Soul Teacher Practitioner

I am Honored to be a Certified Soul Teacher Practitioner and am available to share and teach this profound ancient and new wisdom and practical techniques to empower people to self-healheal others and lead them to the ultimate goal of one’s Soul Journey which is to reach Soul, mind, and body Enlightenment.

My purpose in Life is to Serve and I have dedicated my life to this purpose.
My rates are very affordable and I have a sincere desire to spread this knowledge and these practical techniques to as many people as I possibly can.

Please, connect with me about the opportunity to serve, Teaching others Soul Healing and Transformation at this very significant time on Mother Earth.
Let us join Hearts and Souls together to awaken and serve more people.

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