About Our ~ Alternative Health Therapy ~

Remove Soul, Heart, Mind & Body blockages,
Raise Frequency, Prevent Sickness, Prolong Life

Soul Light Universal is located in New York City and we’re here to assist your transformation, your ascension, in person and globally 24/7 via Skype, telephone, or email.  LEARN MORE

Our Alternative Health Therapy niche is a “Wisdom Sword Light” that penetrates any and all obstacles accumulated over this and previous lifetimes.

Our Alternative Therapy “Wisdom Fruit Light” 
will initiate and assist you to bring forth your original true, Self Light.
Your original unique frequency & message will come to life through purification process, and through recognizing and overcoming any limitations accumulated during your lives’ experiences. Mind-Body-Spirit-Enlightenment-Self-Healing-Healing-others
Our Six principals of perfection when implemented are proven to bring transformation and greatest rewards to one’ life, they are:
Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Perseverance, Concentration and Wisdom that has no boundaries.Alternative-Healing,-Holistic-Healing – Energy-Healing-Tat-Jane Bego-Vic

We can help you Purify any negative actions and/or deeds and transform them into your unique message and original true Light, your Gold, and your Soul Star Matrix that has been created only once and it’s now ready to Unify and be fully realized.

“TAT”is used as a metaphor that in Sanskrit means “Wisdom Boundless as Space is”, “Thou Art”, “True  Consciousness”, “Fallen from Heaven”, “Gold”, “Self illuminate”, “Reality with no divisions”, “Space treasury”.  “TAT” also symbolizes Truth, true consciousness, intuition, knowledge, perfect memory, so we stand for these attributes and want to bring them to you.

To reach the “TAT” state is to know that we are all Oneall people are Lovable, all situations are for the Highest goodthere is an immense Light available everywhere and in everything — you can turn it into Love ~ Gold, your Gold.

Connect with us, for a 15 minute Complimentary Consultation to learn the best way that we can assist you: