We are living in the New Era ~ Soul Light Era ~ Era of Light once again returning to Mother Earth, in all it’s Glory.
It is truly a perfect time to do a Daily Spiritual and Energy practices to connect to your essence and to move faster & further on your Purification, Acceleration and Ascension journey.

The SOUL CHANNEL Practice is one of those must do daily practices at this momentous time when we’re called upon to connect to our original Soul ~ Eternal Light being within, to manifest almost effortlessly, Potential POWERS of our Souls and that way be of the Best possible Service to others and all beings on M.E and beyond in all Universes.

The Recorded Daily practice is infused with Light/Love, many Blessings through my own Transmissions in this regard to AWAKEN you and connect you with your original Light and your unique Message and Task. ~

Every time you do Soul Channel practice with this Video you will be one step closer to this realization and manifestation of your true self potency. The Time is Now to manifest all that you always wanted to bring to light! ~

Connect daily, go into the condition of your eternal Love and Light, Divine and the Source within you, your birth right!

Practice, purify, take this task to heart and as a Service not only for your self but for many other beings that are looking for the same, also. We are all co-creators of this momentous time and everyONE counts. ~

The SOUNDS that Resonate, Vibrate and FORM Soul Channel are:
Weng – 7th Chakra (Crown – very top of the head)
Hei – 1st Chakra ( at the bottom of torso)
Hong – 3rd Chakra (Solar plexus -navel area)
You – Ming Man – point straight across from navel to Ur back)

Our individual effort plays a Vital role and benefit all souls here on our planet and it’s important to know that we are all interconnected through out all Universes at this significant time.

Use this opportunity wisely, may you have a Success in all your endeavor and know I am with you, always! ~

in Eternal LoVe & Light, Tat Jane



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