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Heart of Your Soul in Action! ~
Wisdom Boundless as Space is ~
TAT ~ “Self illuminate” ~ “Space treasury” ~

About our Alternative Therapy ~

Remove Soul, Heart, Mind & Body blockages,
Raise your Frequency, Prevent Sickness, Prolong Life

Soul Light Universal, NYC NY

We are located in New York City, and we’re here to assist your transformation, and your ascension, in person and globally, 24/7 via Skype, telephone, or email.  LEARN MORE

Soul Light Universal is established in order to ignite the Light within oneself, and to assist as many as possible to connect to the Source within, and with the Source within everyone and everything,
Our mission is to help others remove blockages from their soul, heart, mind and body and help people to expand their consciousness and the potential powers of their being.

When blockages are removed from ones’ soul, heart and mind, frequency is automatically raised. When frequency changes, and one starts vibrating at the rate and in the way that is closely aligned with ones innate potential, everything changes.

Our Alternative Therapy niche is a “Wisdom Sword Light”, that penetrates any and all obstacles accumulated over this and previous lifetimes.

Our Alternative Therapy “Wisdom Fruit Light” 
consists of Soul Healing blessing transmissions, the ancient and new wisdom and practical techniques. The wisdom, practical techniques and blessing transmissions are meant to initiate and assist you to bring forth your original true, Soul Light and frequency.

Your original unique frequency & message will come to life through soul healing blessing transmissions, purification process, practical techniques and through recognizing and overcoming any limitations accumulated during your lives’ experiences. Mind-Body-Spirit-Enlightenment-Self-Healing-Healing-others
Our Six principles of perfection when implemented and practiced are proven to bring transformation and greatest rewards to one’ physical and spiritual life, they are:
Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Perseverance, Concentration and Wisdom that has no boundaries.Alternative-Healing,-Holistic-Healing – Energy-Healing-Tat-Jane Bego-Vic

We can help you Purify any negative actions and/or deeds and transform them into your unique message and original true Light, your Gold, and your Soul Star Matrix, which has been created only once and it’s now ready to Unify and be fully realized.

“TAT”is used as a metaphor that in Sanskrit means “Wisdom Boundless as Space is”, “Thou Art”, “True  Consciousness”, “Fallen from Heaven”, “Gold”, “Self illuminate”, “Reality with no divisions”, “Space treasury”.  “TAT” also symbolizes Truth, true consciousness, intuition, knowledge, perfect memory, so we stand for these attributes and want to bring them to you.

To reach the “TAT” state is to know that we are all One and part of one gigantic quantum energy field, all people are Lovable, all situations are for the Highest goodthere is an immense Light available everywhere and in everything — you can turn it into Love ~ Gold, your Gold.

Please contact us, for a Complimentary 30 minute orientation, consultation and assessment session. I will answer all your questions and the session will allow me to determine the best course of action for your specific conditions, problems and challenges.


The knowledge, techniques and practices I share in my Soul Practitioner blessing/training sessions are a Special Blessing Transmissions that do the following:
– Remove Soul, Heart, Mind & Body blockages from ones life, an issue, a condition.
-The Blessings raise the Frequency & Vibration, when frequency becomes higher and finer everything changes
-The method and techniques, blessings align Soul, Heart, Mind & Body as One Unit.
These 3 are the most potent Benefits of Soul Healing and Transformation method.

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Some of the results you can count on when working and training with me as a Certified Soul Teacher Practitioner:
– Experience of greater Harmony and Flow within you and with everyone around you.
– You’ll feel more confortable and more align within your soul, heart, mind and body
– Experience awareness of your own highest purpose, your special task
– What’s the most important you’ll feel empowered to forge vigorously towards it’s manifestation.

If you’d like to experience Power of Source Blessings Transmissions in one on one session, please Contact us for a Complementary 15min Session to see how best we can Serve You.



“Wow! Wow! Wow! I am so grateful to have received a Tao Source Field Blessing this week. I received the blessing for helping me to have more self–love. During the session I could feel so much more love for myself as the blockages were being removed. I feel lighter, happier, full of joy! I am … Continue reading Dove Saberon

Dove Saberon

” I was honored to receive a powerful Tao Source Filed Calligraphy blessing and Tat-Jane’s beautiful soul song, transported me to a place of calm, nourishment, and peace. My heart and soul felt replenished with gentle waves of the vibration and frequency from this extraordinary healing treasure and Tat-Jane’s singing …”  

Christie Lapitan